Environmental Commitment

Throughout the lifetime of the project, IEI is fully committed to closely monitor the environment and take all necessary measures in order to reduce the project's environmental footprint. IEI will meet and exceed all environmental standards.

We believe that protecting the environment is an essential key for the success of the project and therefore we have made it our top priority. Presented here are a few aspects of the project's design demonstrating just how environmentally sensitive we are:



Minimal surface footprint - At IEI, horizontal drilling techniques enable us to reach and extract oil from a considerable large rock volume while occupying minimal and temporary surface footprint. The areas we occupy will be reclaimed and put back to their original use after a few years of production.

Negligible impact to the rock stability - Carefully designed drilling patterns combined with the slow heating process ensures that the integrity of the rock remains uncompromised during, and after the project.

Minimal water usage - In addition to not using large quantities of water in the production process, IEI will extract the brackish water that saturates the pore volume of the rock and produce substantial quantities of water suited for agricultural usage.

Absolutely no impact on groundwater - The rich oil shale deposits in the Shfela basin is trapped between two impermeable rock layers. The thick layers surrounding the oil shale will ensure that in the unlikely event that gases or liquids escape the heated production zone there is no threat to the under laying aquifer or overlaying layers and eventually the surface.

Minimum greenhouse gas emissions - Unlike other extraction technologies which emit large quantities of CO2, due to mobilization of the oil to refineries where it is treated while emitting more CO2, our in-situ method extracts clean, almost ready to use fuel products while leaving the coke residue behind in the reservoir. This makes the refining process much leaner in CO2 emission.

Absolutely no hazard emissions - The production wells create low pressure zones within the heated zone forcing all gases and liquids to flow into the production zone and up to the surface through the production wells. At the surface, gases are carefully collected and treated so that hazardous gases are not emitted to the atmosphere. IEI will monitor emissions to make sure they are well within strict environmental standards.

Minimal ecological impact - IEI takes the flora and fauna that makeup the landscape very seriously. We will ensure that these irreplaceable assets are not harmed. Our heating wells are effective to a maximum distance of 30 feet (~9 meters) due to the fact that rock poor heat conductors. The heated production zone, 250 meters and more beneath the surface will have no effect in terms of temperature at the ground level.

IEI is committed to act in full disclosure throughout the different stages of the project, from the Pilot to the commercial production stage.

We are committed to fully cooperate with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, to adopt and exceed the ministries environmental standards, and to execute an environmentally responsible project.