Our License Area

Shfela Basin  
IEI holds an exclusive exploration and production license granted by the Israeli Government pursuant to Israel's Petroleum Law. Under the terms of the license, IEI is obligated to conduct a comprehensive geological reconnaissance study in the license area, which is 70,000 acres size (defined inside the white line on the map).

As part of the geological exploration stage, 6 geological survey wells were drilled in selected locations in the license area. See the survey wells location on the enlarged map of the license area below:

1. Two survey drillings wells near Kibbutz Beit-Guvrin
2. Survey drilling near Aderet village
3. Survey drilling near Lachish village
4. Survey drilling near Kibbutz Galon
5. Drilling near Zoharim (former weaned village), between Kibbutz Beit-Guvrin and the Tarqumiya checkpoint on road 35


   General map of the license area
   Enlarged map of the license area

A summary of the hydro-geological findings has been published.

A subsequent small scale, less than 2 acres, field production test is planned to be carried out in the Shfela Basin. The pilot duration is estimated to last 2.5 years, which will end after full reclamation of the fields for agriculture usage (demo movie).