The Ultimate Checklist For Office Cleaning  

You may be busy dealing with a customer, handling employees, and managing contracts. You forget something important – you guessed it! It’s maintaining and cleaning your workspace. You must hire office cleaning Omaha, NE for all your office cleaning needs.

Before approaching an office cleaning service, you should have an office cleaning checklist in your hands. The list will also help you to understand the duties that need to be assigned to the cleaners. Take a look at this checklist that we’ve prepared just for you.

Reception Cleaning

The reception area must be vacuumed daily. Since this area is the first portion of your office, it should give a good impression. The carpets should be steam cleaned every day, along with emptying the trash bins every day.

Kitchen Cleaning

All kitchen countertops must be free of stains, and the trash must be emptied regularly. Also, the employees should not leave leftover food in the refrigerator. Your commercial cleaner should also clean the tables and chairs daily.

Bathroom Cleaning

We can’t forget how important it is to keep the bathrooms well sanitized and clean. The bathroom cleaning regime must have toilet bowls, hand basins, and urinals. The hand towels also need to be replaced every day. And finally, the mirrors should look spotless.

Working Area

The working area and the cabins must be dusted and vacuumed on a bi-weekly or daily basis. If your workspace has windows, the commercial cleaners should use glass cleaning chemicals to get rid of the stains. Just like the other areas, the dustbin must be cleared every day.

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Cleaning the workplace is as important as cleaning our homes. The best way to maintain the office is by hiring commercial cleaners who deliver exceptional cleaning services. The professional cleaners also have a variety of other cleaning services.